Searching For A Sciatic Pain Treatment? My Advice To Achieve Lasting Sciatica Pain Relief.

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sciatic nerve pain damageSciatic Treatment: Back Pain Relief

If you happen to suffer from sciatica, you will be all to aware of the pain and discomfort it can cause. However many sufferers are still unaware of exactly what is occurring anatomically in their bodies to produce these sensations. In essence, sciatic back pain is the result of groupings of nerves in the lower back (which make up the sciatic nerve) becoming compressed and subsequently irritated.

This will usually result in patients experiencing significant pain in the lower back, and/or tingling and numbness in the legs. For most who suffer these symptoms, not getting the adequate sciatic treatment can result in debilitating pain and inactivity. This can ruin everyday life for the individual, something I know all to well…

However, the good news is that it can be overcome. Here is the advice I give to anyone who is also looking for a lasting sciatic treatment:

1). Get A Second Opinion: If you’re told you require surgery, you absolutely have to really consider if this is the right course of action. In most cases, sciatic treatment is non-surgical. You need to exhaust these methods first, as they are almost always more effective at providing long term relief from sciatic related issues.

If a doctor tells you that you definitely need surgery for your sciatic pain, be sure to get a second opinion  first. Be sure you have tried all other treatment options before you have a costly and potentially dangerous surgery. Every surgery which involves the nerves of the spine has the potential to do serious long term harm.

sciatic pain exercise treatments

2). Get The Required Exercise: While it may seem counter intuitive, the best sciatic treatment is not bed rest, but exercise. Over time, inactivity only makes the pain worse. What’s more, the less exercise you do, the more your other back muscles become weakened from inactivity. This increases the likelihood of injuring another part of the back.

A variety of exercises exist for sciatic treatment, differing depending upon how the injury occurred. Over the long term, exercise is one of the best ways to heal the back. To find the best exercises for your situation, check with your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist. They will usually prescribe sacroiliac (SI) therapy movements, as the symptoms of this type of joint pain closely mirror those of sciatic nerve problems.

3). Use Heat and/or Ice: Sciatic pain can also be mitigated by using heat or ice. These are very inexpensive, non-pharmaceutical methods which are traditionally used to treat back pain. During the onset of severe sciatic pain, use ice. After a few days, switch from ice to heat. A simple heating pad, hot bath, or a warm gel pack can help to loosen tight muscles around the back.

Heat can be applied for 15-20 minutes for minor back tension, or as long as two hours at a time for serious back problems. But again, remember that heat is secondary measure to alleviate muscle tightness and not sciatic pain itself. Used in isolation or too soon, heat treatment can actually make your sciatica worse as it can further irritate the effected nerves.

**For those who are serious about treating their sciatic pain**

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