My Essential Sciatic Treatments – 3 Tried & Tested Methods To Alleviate Back Pain Fast

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sciatic nerve painIf you are one of the unlucky few who suffer’s with severe sciatica, you don’t need me to tell you just how painful and debilitating it can be. I managed this condition for years without really addressing the route cause of my issue. Essentially, sciatica is simply inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This condition begins with some form of lower back/hip pain, and usually works its way down the leg.

It’s both uncomfortable and scary at the same time. Apart from the pain this conditions causes, it is also a very debilitating state to be in. Even everyday mundane tasks can become an uphill hill battle for the individuals who suffer with this. Often times basic activities like picking up the kids from school or collecting the groceries becomes too much, putting undue stress on family life…

Sciatica is really a complex condition, and one which medical practitioners still haven’t gotten a great grasp on. So it does take some trail and error and willingness to get creative  with your approach to sciatic treatment. I know I had to. In my experience, there are methods to temporarily relieve the pain, and ways to get rid of the problem for good.

Surgery Works… But Not For Everyone.

Firstly, I want to expel a common myth regarding sciatica treatments and cures. Many believe that surgery is the gold standard and ultimate fix to the problem. I was actually a few weeks away from this complex procedure myself. However the statistics show that in fact, its only successful in about 1% of people, so it really isn’t the most viable option.

3 Effective Back Pain Treatments

So what are the viable options you ask…? I have tried many over the years and have found the following to be credible treatments:

1). Ice Therapy: Many people like to use heat packs and heating pads in an attempt to alleviate the pain, but in my experience this can exacerbate the problem. When the nerve is inflamed, heat can actually cause more swelling and more pain. By applying ice packs however, individuals can help bring the inflammation down, and that’s certainly a positive.

sciatic ice therapy treatment

2). Acupuncture: Depending upon how creative and outside of the box you are willing to get with your sciatic treatment, you might try acupuncture. This back treatment has been en vogue for quite a while now, and it is a primary helper for people with sciatic nerve issues. If you can find a good acupuncture practitioner, you can have relief from the serious pain in a matter of weeks. The procedure essentially relieves the pressure that is causing the nerve to act up. By getting to the root of the problem, you are reducing the chances of it recurring in the future.

acupuncture sciatica treatment

3). Exercise and Stretching: This is a treatment most chiropractors and physiotherapists will prescribe, and is absolutely essential if you want to avoid flare ups in the future. Understand that in the days immediately following your sciatic nerve problem, you need to rest your back. Staying off of your feet can give the nerve time to recover. But once you have gotten over this issue, stretching every single day and doing directly beneficial exercises can help your back negotiate sciatic issues in the future.

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