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Katherine Wells here…Best sciatica treatment

And I created this sciatica treatment blog to help others finally get over their frustrating (and often times debilitating) lower back and hip pain, NATURALLY.

It’s probably a good idea to start with my story, as many will be able to relate. During my early 40’s I began to get very severe pain and discomfort in my lower back. I consulted my doctor who confirmed that it was the sciatic nerve causing my issues. However he could only prescribe pain killers to mask the problem…

I consulted a number of specialists, including chiropractors & physiotherapists who put me through the usual sciatica exercise and mobility routines. Some of these worked for a time, and some even made it worse!

I then switched my focus to find other “alternative” methods to cure my pain. This lead me to acupuncture and a special type of yoga, designed to free the sciatic nerve from pressure points. Again, neither worked.

My pain had gotten so bad that I eventually agreed to sciatic surgery in an attempt to finally fix the problem. However it was an expensive and complex procedure. I had to give finding a natural cure one last shot.

Fortunately, I happened to speak with a friend who had an interior decorator working on her house at the time. He had explained to her how he’d fixed similar sciatica issues as mine. But all through natural, home remedy methods.

I had to speak with him…

Sure enough, he pointed me in the direction of a sciatica care guide book, that had “given him his life back” (his words). I immediately attained a copy for myself.

And sure enough, it worked! In a little over two weeks after reading through the manual – I was now back pain free! I had indeed got my life back too, and all without invasive surgery.

If this sounds like you, if you have tried and been let down by conventional western style treatments for your sciatica issues – you are certainly not alone. It’s also not your fault either. I have consulted many intelligent and well intended medical practitioners along this journey. But none who could 100% fix my crippling pain…

Within this blog you will find many helpful articles on the nature of sciatic nerve pain. You will also find some potential methods to help your current situation. However if you are looking to fix your sciatica back pain once and for all, I would suggest you checkout my home page posts.

===> The Sciatica Treatment Guide I Recommend

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