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The Best Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment – My Top 5 Tips To Cure Sciatica For Good

By katherinewells100 October 6, 2017 Uncategorized

Sciatica back & leg pain is typically caused by a pinched sciatic nerve or herniated disc in the lower back…

… and finding a long term & effective cure can be tricky. However it can be done with a little trail and error. I spent over 3 years trying to cure my sciatica. I eventually got ride of this debilitating condition but it took some work!

What are the main symptoms of sciatica?sciatic nerve pain lower back damage

Generally people will experience one of two feelings when dealing with sciatic nerve related issues. The first being the typical lower back and hip pain. The second is usually a numbness or “pins and needles” type sensation in one or both legs. Both are extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient for performing even the most mundane daily tasks…

Some people even find the pain agonizing and intolerable. For these folk, finding a cure (or even some relief) for their symptoms is paramount. I can certainly relate to this myself. Whilst my sciatica was manageable for the most part. There were times when I literally could not leave the bed as the pain was so bad!

This is why I have started this blog. To try and help others through the process of finding sciatic nerve pain relief. The following are 5 of my favorite exercises and treatments to initially help you on the path to recovery. Again, its a matter of testing these out for yourself in order to see what works best in your case.

Try these 5 sciatic nerve pain treatments to remove your sciatica related issues

Chiropractic Exercise & Stretches (yoga)

The vast majority of people will go and see a chiropractor when they are initially diagnosed with sciatica. Whilst spinal manipulation is a very effective method for alleviating sciatic nerve pain (50-60% of patients experienced pain relief after just a few sessions within a 2010 study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics)

However this is still not the first port of call for physical practitioners. They will often prescribe a stretching routine before anything else, in an attempt to loosen the muscles in the affected areas, and increase flexibility to naturally relieve some of the pain and tension. These may include the following:

  • Sitting Pigeon Pose
  • Reclining Pigeon Pose
  • Forward Pigeon Pose (advanced)
  • Sitting Spinal Stretch
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch

Make sure you perform these with care to begin with and only progress very slowly over the days and weeks. The last thing you want to do it further aggravate the issue by over stretching. Practice proper form and breathing (inhale when paused, then exhale into the stretch).

Finally, it is possible to combine many of these movements with yoga. I wouldn’t suggest trying to come up with the routine for yourself. Their will be many experienced yoga teaches and classes in your town or city. It’s just about attending a beginner class or even a sciatic specific session for optimal results.


One of the reasons I like acupuncture so much (apart from the almost instant relief just one session can give you), is the energy correcting effect it can have on the entire body. The body works much like an electrical circuit, and when the flow of electricity/energy is interrupted, it tends to stop functioning or even breaks down.

acupuncture sciatica treatmentAcupuncture as a method helps clear these energy channels and is especially effective is releasing the pent up energy and tension within the lower back/hip and legs. The regions primarily affected by sciatica due to a pinched sciatic nerve or herniated disc.

Although you will almost certainly experience back and leg pain relief from just one acupuncture session, I would recommend at least 10 treatments. Its typically found that around 90% of people who undertake 10 weeks of traditional heated needle Chinese acupuncture, achieve total relief from their sciatica for good.

Topical Preparations

Now we get into the slightly more secondary solutions to sciatica pain and symptoms. I say secondary, but what I really mean is complimentary. They wont have a huge effect by themselves, but compliment a good stretching/exercise and acupuncture routine greatly. This is especially true when it comes to “spot relieving” pain in localized areas caused by sciatica.

The two common topical preparations to try would be St.Johns wort oil, which is actually a liniment rather than essential oil for instance. I find (and many others) find it can help greatly with sciatic nerve pain. Gently rub the anti-inflammatory oil into the effected area around 2-3 times a day.

The second of these two OTC topical treatments is cayenne pepper. This substance is found in hot chili’s, and has be shown to greatly reduce the release of pain and irritation causing compounds from the effected nerves. It can be bought in either plasters or a cream. Again, apply 2-3 times a day for best results.

Devils Claw

Devils Claw sciatic back pain treatment

If you have never tried Devils Claw, I highly recommend you give it a try. I was never a big fan of prescription drugs and medications, so was always searching for more natural and herbal alternatives.

However, whilst many of these plant-based compounds are more natural to the body, most do not have the potency of their pharmaceutical counterparts. Not so with Devil’s Claw…

Taking around 2,000 mg twice a day can be as effective as a moderate dose of ibuprofen with regards to the anti-inflammatory effect. Just make sure you acquire a brand which has at least 50 mg of harpagoside, the active compound of the plant. Also consult your doctor before taking Devils Claw if you are currently on any blood-thinning medications (this is just a precaution).

Muscle Relaxants (Pain Relievers & Epidural Injections)

I have a genuine conviction that most people who are suffering from sciatica related issues, can achieve relief from their symptoms, and even cure their condition for good, via natural home based methods. However there are instances where the pain can become just too much, even unbearable at times. For these instances, there is a last resort, and that is OTC muscle relaxants and pain killers.

Ibuprofen is a good alternative is Devils Claw isn’t quite doing the job. Then you have pain reducing anti-depressants. You will have to consult your doctor on these, but remember, they are simply prescribed to mask any temporary acute pain. They are not a long term solution as they will not fix the underlying nerve pain you will be experiencing.

If none of the above are working, there is one last resort. This would be to get an epidural steroid injection. The aim for this type of treatment is to reduce inflammation within the affected nerve branch within the lower back. This can be a complex procedure not without its own side effects, so are usually limited to a maximum of three injections per year.

Sciatica SOS back pain treatment**For those serious about improving their sciatic pain**

The above 5 treatment tips of are a great start to treating sciatic nerve and back pain. Fortunately I never reached the injection or surgery stage, but that was largely due to finding a cure for the underlying issue of my sciatica.

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